School/College Finance

Energy Sense Ireland have made available a new payment scheme to all public sector bodies. The scheme allows for lighting retrofit projects to be paid for out of savings over a 36 month period. This scheme is INTEREST FREE and covers all areas of the public sector.

Public Sector Lighting Savings Brochure

Public Sector Lighting Upgrade Brochure

 Public Sector Lighting Self Audit Form

This unique ‘Green Energy’ facility will be made available for a limited period only, to assist these sectors introduce much needed energy reduction programs by way of retrofitting current high energy output T8 fluorescent fittings, to new low output T5 fittings to reduce lighting costs significantly, (35% to 59%) without having to replace and destroy current fluorescent fittings.

Energy Sense Ireland will supply Save It Easy e-ballast conversion products and install to these institutions, with no upfront fee therefore removing the initial obstacle of raising finance to achieve this goal. All future payments for the project will come from the instant savings achieved, when you retrofit your current fluorescent fittings to high frequency performance fittings. The repayments are interest free.

This is a once off opportunity to acquire energy efficient products to reduce your carbon footprint without it requiring new capital budget, or affecting your facility’s bottom line finances.


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