What are the features of the wind turbine?

The wind turbine was designed in such a way that it can be mounted on houses safely, it does not cast a shadow and produces very little noise and no resonant vibrations. Innovative technology built into the venturi and noise dampener enables the wind turbine to produce a high yield while operating safely and quietly.


What is the life span of the wind turbine?

The turbine components are designed with a life span of 20 years and the turbine must be able, in principle, to operate for a period of 15 years, maintenance free. The guarantee period is 24 months from the moment of delivery and a maintenance contract can be taken out.


When is the wind turbine available?

The wind turbine is available from the first quarter of 2009. Only a limited number of turbines will be available in 2009 (1000), but timely reservation will enable you to obtain a turbine.


What is the potential yield of the turbine?

The yield is high, with 1400 kWh and a potential of 1800 kWh per year at 4.5 m/s with the use of a venturi. This saves you at least 680 kg CO2 emissions per year. A significant contribution to a better environment!

On the basis of a yield with an average wind speed on 4.5 m/s it is possible to recoup the investment within 10 years without subsidies and financing constructions. Furthermore, after the write-off period you will generate a large portion of your energy consumption free of charge. A comforting thought in a time of exponentially increasing energy costs.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the turbines must be installed at locations where there is sufficient wind and where there are no large buildings or woodlands in front of the turbine. The south west angle is an important factor in this. The wind comes from the south west in 55% of cases and is stronger, on average, from this direction.


When is my location suitable for the installation of the wind turbine?

The yield of the wind turbine depends on a number of factors. the wind speed and therefore the yield differs per location. The yield also depends on the local environment.

The placement of a wind turbine is ideal when there are no tall trees, buildings or other objects in the vicinity of your building. However, it may be the case in an urban environment the an object disrupts the wind flow. You can estimate whether the object in front of your building disrupts the wind flow. A rule of thumb in this is that the object must be a minimum of 3x further away than its height. In other words, if an object is 100 metres high, it will have to be 300 metres from your building.


Is an inverter required for the wind turbine?

No, an inverter is supplied with the wind turbine in order to keep the installation costs low. donQi is investigating the possibility of connecting the wind turbine to standardised inverters.


How does supplying back to the electricity network operate?

The wind turbine generates 1400 kWh per year to 1800 kWh per year at a wind speed of 4.5 m/s. If you leave equipment that uses electricity on the electricity generated will be used by this equipment immediately. If you have all electrical equipment switched off (e.g. at night) you will then supply back to the electricity network. It has been established under law that you may supply to 3000 kWh back to the network per year at the kWh price that is applicable at that time (e.g. 22 cent per kwh). If you supply more than 3000 KWh (so do not generate), there is a risk that you will receive a lower fee from your supplier for the total delivery (so also including the 3000 kWh). It is best to contact your supplier for more information on this.


Can the wind turbine be combined with other decentralised electricity generation?

Yes, the fitting of solar panels that are also oriented to the south west can even increase the yield due to the angled air flow. You must check that you do not supply more than a combined total of 3000 KWh in order to be eligible for the return supply payment.

The donQi Urban Windmill is supplied with its proper inverter. donQi is investigating the possibility of connecting the wind turbine to standardised inverters.


Has account been taken of bird safety?

We are frequently asked whether we have considered bird welfare. Yes we have – a profile of a falcon is stuck into the turbine. This scares birds away from the turbine.

DonQi Urban Windmills are also harmless to bats because the propellers are surrounded by a venturi. With open rotors on larger turbines underpressure may be created near the propeller tips that can damage the lungs of bats that fly past, frequently with fatal consequences.

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